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Galkin Estate Auction
Guns, Shop Equipment,
Auto Parts, Relics, Older Items,
Household Items, Miscellaneous

11:00 am Wednesday Sept 24, 2014
Twin Falls, Idaho

Rush Estate Auction
Trailer, Shop Equipment,
Lawn & Garden Equipment & Items,
Furniture, Appliances, Household Items

11:00 am Thursday Sept 25, 2014
Twin Falls, Idaho

Pietz Living Estate Auction
Fine Furniture, Appliances, Antiques,
Collectibles, Glassware,
Lawn & Garden Items, Shop Tools,
Household Items, Miscellaneous

12:00 Noon Friday Sept 26, 2014
Twin Falls, Idaho

Nuckols Auction
Travel Trailer, Boat, Sporting Items,
Shop Equipment & Tools,
Collectibles, Household, Miscellaneous

11:00 am Saturday Sept 27, 2014
Hansen, Idaho

Kelly Chappell Auction
Real Estate, Pickup,
ATV 4 Wheeler, Guns,
Shop Equipment & Tools,
Nascar Memorabilia,
Household items
3:00 pm Sunday Sept 28, 2014
Hagerman, Idaho

Road Construction, Paving & Asphalt
Bank Sale Auction

Trucks, Pickups, Vehicles, Trailers,
Loader, Paving & Asphalt Equipment,
Shop Equipment & Tools, Storage Vans & Units,
Construction Signs, Divider Cones, Barriers,
Traffic Controller Units, Scale Houses,
 66 Pallets full of Parts & Supplies,
Truck Tires, Office Equipment, Antique Truck,
 Hugh Sale of Equipment & Parts Inventory

10:00 am Thursday October 2, 2014
Twin Falls, Idaho

Kramer Auction
Tractors, Machinery, Truck,
Trailers, Shop Tools & Supplies,
Farm Miscellaneous, Rail Fencing,
Collectibles, Household Items

10:30 am Saturday October 4, 2014
Twin Falls, Idaho

McClelland Auction
Tractor, Machinery, Farm Items, 
Motorhome, Dodge Van,
Livestock Items, Shop Tools, Generator,
Lawn & Garden Items, Collectibles,
Furniture, Appliances, Household Items

12 noon Wednesday Oct 8, 2014
Jerome, Idaho

Loman Auction
Antiques, Collectibles,
U.S. Cavalry Saddle, Western Items,
Applainces, Furniture, Household Items,
Generator, Miscellaneous

12:00 noon Saturday Oct 11, 2014
Jerome, Idaho     

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      2014 Tentative Schedule
Wednesday Sept 24 ------------ Twin Falls
Thursday Sept 25 -------------- Twin Falls
Friday Sept 26 ------------------ Twin Falls
Saturday Sept 27 ----------------- Hansen
Sunday Sept 28 ----------------- Hagerman
Thursday Oct 2 ----------------- Twin Falls
Saturday Oct 4 ----------------- Twin Falls
Wednesday Oct 8 --------------- Jerome
Friday Oct 10 - Clover School - Buhl
Saturday Oct 11 ----------------- Jerome
Saturday Oct 18 --------------- Twin Falls
Sunday Oct 19 ----------------- Twin Falls
Thursday Oct 23 ---------------- Gooding
Saturday Oct 25 ---------------- Kimberly
Saturday Nov 1 -------------------- Buhl
Saturday Nov 8 -------------------- Buhl

2015 Tenative Schedule

Saturday June 6 ------- Magic Reservoir

Lyle Masters
Buhl, Idaho
Gary Osborne
Gooding, Idaho

Joe Bennett
Hagerman, Idaho

LaMar Loveland
Hagerman, Idaho
Jim Christiansen
Rupert, Idaho
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