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Barlogi Estate Auction
Collectibles, Furniture,
Tractor, Machinery, Trailers,
Lawn & Garden Items,
Boat & Sporting Items, Building,
Relics & Antiques,
Shop Tools, Generator

11:00 am Saturday May 30, 2015
Hagerman, Idaho

Patterson Auction
Shop Equipment, Tools & Supplies,
Lawn, Garden & Sporting Items,
Appliances, Furniture, Household Items

11:00 am Sunday May 31, 2015
Filer, Idaho

Gibson Estate
Antiques, Collectibles, Relics,
Glassware, Antique Furniture,
Wall Clocks, Vintage Items,
Lawn & Garden Items, Lawn Shed,
Sporting Items, Household Items,
Storage Sheds, Lumber,
Years of acculation, Miscellaneous

11:00 am Saturday June 6, 2015
Shoshone, Idaho

Walden Auction
Furniture, Household Items, Collectibles
Shop Tools, Lawn & Garden Items,

11:00 am Sunday June 7, 2015
Buhl, Idaho

Webster Estate Auction
Antiques, Collectibles, Hull Vases, Glassware,
Vintage Collectibles, Antique Furniture,
Cast Iron Cookware, Patio Furniture,
Lawn & Garden Items, Miscellaneous,
Nice clean items, good sale

12:00 noon Friday June 12, 2015
Twin Falls, Idaho

Wilson Estate Auction
Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware,
Doll Collection, Vintage Items, Old Toys,
Antique Furniture, Unique Collectibles,
Relics, Antique Farm Machinery,
Old Yard Art, Machinery, Livestock Chutes,
Old Vehicles, Trailers, Old Tractors,
Huge Sale, we will run 2 rings all day

11:00 am Sunday June 14, 2015
Gooding, Idaho

Gooding School District Surplus Auction
Cars, Mower, 75 Harley Davidson Golf Cart,
Snow Blower, Generator, Commercial Oven,
Freezer, Ping Pong Table Set,
Shop Equipment, File Cabinets, Desks,
Office Items, Miscellaneous Items

1:00 pm Friday June 19, 2015
Gooding, Idaho

Maag Auction
Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Items, Glassware,
Unique Items, Saddle, Brass Sleigh Bells, 
Guns, Sporting Items, Camping Tents & Supplies,
Pickup, Lawn & Garden Items, Shop Tools,
Household Items & Miscellaneous

11:00 am Saturday June 20,2015
Hagerman, Idaho

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We conduct more auctions across
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        2015 Tenative Schedule

Saturday May 30 ------------- Hagerman
Sunday May 31 ------------------ Filer
Saturday June 6 --------------- Shoshone
Sunday June 7 -------------------- Buhl
Friday June 12 ----------------- Twin Falls
Saturday June 13 ------------- Twin Falls
Sunday June 14 ----------------- Gooding
Friday June 19 ------------------ Gooding
Saturday June 20 ------------- Hagerman
Friday June 26 ------------------ Rupert
Saturday June 27 --------------- Rupert
Sunday June 28 ---------------- Rogerson
Saturday July 11 --------------- Bellevue
Sunday July 12 ---------- Magic Reservoir
Saturday July 18 ---------------- Gooding
Saturday July 25 ---------------- Jerome
Sat Aug 8 --- 4-H sale ---------- Jerome
Saturday August 15 ------------ Wendell
Sat Aug 22 ---- 4-H sale ------- Gooding
Saturday Sept 12 ------------------ Buhl
Saturday Sept 19 ------------------ Buhl
Saturday Oct 31 ------------------- Filer

Lyle Masters
Buhl, Idaho
Gary Osborne
Gooding, Idaho

Joe Bennett
Hagerman, Idaho

LaMar Loveland
Hagerman, Idaho
Jim Christiansen
Rupert, Idaho
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